The YOCOCU 2020 conference in Tbilisi, “HANDS ON HERITAGE: EXPERIENCING CONSERVATION, MASTERING MANAGEMENT” will be devoted to experiences in learning and working on real-life scenarios in the realm of the conservation and management of cultural heritage. YOCOCU meetings are aimed at transmitting and disseminating knowledge and experiences in this broad and complex realm. In Tbilisi Georgian, Caucasian and International professionals, researchers and students will be able to realize and to attend sessions set as “short-workshops”, where all attendees will update their knowledge in the conservation of cultural heritage or the management of site museums, world heritage sites, archaeological research in monumental heritage. They will be short but intensive sessions where the objective will be to demonstrate the options available in each field of cultural heritage: tangible and intangible. All this by using cases drawn from all the world and in particular from the Georgian heritage institutions, guided by Georgian researchers, to realize a real exchange with their foreign counterparts. YOCOCU 2020 is the seventh edition of conference. The last edition in Matera has collected the voice of 27 countries and of 303 among researchers, professionals and students.
Enjoy your role in the cultural heritage conservation, YOCOCU 2020 waits you!

Conference organized by YOCOCU and the University of Georgia (UoG) with the support of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, Georgian National Museum, ICOM Georgia, Tbilisi State Art Academy, Georgian Technical University and the Embassy of Italy in Georgia

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