The topics will include, but not limited to:

  1. New experiences in the museum (learning experience, inclusion activities, building community)
  2. Traditional and innovative products in terms of methodologies and materials for the conservation of cultural heritage.
  3. New strategies in conservation and valorization of archaeological sites and buildings.
  4. Conservation of street art and other modern materials through mirate chemical products.
  5. Interpretation and presentation of cultural heritage (exhibition design)
  6. Edutainment for education, storytelling and cultural heritage, relationship between museum and educational environment
  7. The tradition of the folklore in the cultural heritage innovation The role of intangible cultural heritage in promoting and disseminating the cultural identity of a community is increasingly important. This session aims to highlight the expressions in this field that make use of innovation for the enhancement of the traditional folk expressions
  8. Natural risk assessment for the protection of cultural heritage




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